Monday, 6 April 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes // Review

I've been obsessed with brow products lately, wanting to find the perfect product for my upcoming wedding. So when Blow LTD contacted me, asking if I wanted to try one of the products that they stock on their site, I was instantly drawn to the Anastasia Beverly Hills range. I decided to try their Beauty Express palette, as there were only two shades to choose from, blonde and brunette, and I figured that even if the brow powders didn't match, I could always use it as a simple eye palette.

Despite my brow obsession, it was difficult to choose what product to review considering how many amazing brands that Blow LTD stock. Not only do they sell beauty products that they have hand picked due to how good they are, they also run a fast beauty salon in Covent Garden. This is a place where you can get any treatment you want in one place. If I'm ever in London for a stay, I'd definitely consider coming here for a pamper.

My product arrived nice and quick and was packaged beautifully; wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a box and tied up with ribbon. The packing for the palette itself is equally as beautiful; a croc skin leather effect with the logo embossed on it in gold. The clasp is magnetic and feels quite strong so I think this would be safe to shove into a makeup bag without worrying that it will open us and the powders will smash. There's a decent sized mirror on the inside, plus instructions written beside it.

In the palette, there is a clear brow wax, two different shades of brow powder, halved in one pan, plus two different highlighters, a pink toned and a champagne toned, again split into one pan. You also receive the tools you need to create the perfect brow- a brush and a selection of stencils, plus instructions on how to use all of these products on a slip of paper.

I will be honest and say that I really don't see the point of the stencils. Everyone's eyebrow shape is different, and although there were a range of stencils, they all had similar shapes. The idea behind the stencils is to place them over your brows, fill them in with the powder, then pluck the excess brow hairs. First of all, I found it hard to keep the stencil in place and if I did follow the stencil, it would have meant shaving half my eyebrow off.

The best thing about this palette is the brush. You could have the best makeup in the world, but without the right tools, it isn't going to look nice. I've had brushes in brow palettes before, but they've always been so tiny and fiddly to use. This one has a nice long handle, which means it's easy to grip. The bristles are stiff and and thin which means that I can create a really precise line to mimic brow hairs. Because of the stiffness of the brush, it feels like you're not picking up much product, but the powder is so pigmented that this isn't a problem.

The brow wax doesn't really do it for me. I much prefer a gel to hold my hairs in place. However, this is just my personal preference and I'm not saying that it isn't good. It's completely clear and I tend to stick it on the brush, then use the powder over it. The brow powder itself is a really strange texture. It feels almost hard, but at the same time, it's very pigmented. A light hand is needed to apply the product and still make it look natural. When I swatched this on my hand, I needed to use a makeup wipe to remove it, so you can be sure that your brows will stay in place until you decide to remove them.

There's a matte highlighter and a shimmery one and they're both so buttery and pigmented. I use this on my brow bone and the corner of my eye lid to enhance both my eyes and brows. I'm not going to lie, there seems to be a bit of fallout on the shimmery highlighter which makes the palette look messy if not wiped away after.

Overall, I think this is my new favourite brow palette. At £29, it is expensive, but I've spent around the same amount on Benefit and HD Brow palettes with results that aren't as great. I definitely want to try more from this brand, like maybe the brow pomade.

If you want to try this palette, or simply have a browse on Blow LTD's site, they currently have an offer on until tonight for 20% off and free delivery.

*Was sent to review but all opinions are honest.