Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Shopping My Stash // Skin and Body Products

I love bank holidays as I use them as an excuse to sort out a load of my stuff. The first May bank holiday, I took as an opportunity to sort through all of my makeup, chucking out what was old, or giving away what I didn't like/ use and it was quite successful.

However, I own quite a bit more skin care/ hair care/ body products than I do make up. So much so that I have a full Ikea Alex 9 drawer full of products, a train case, a Christmas Soap & Glory box full, and two more bags spilling over with items.

I'm not a compulsive buyer. However, I frequently go to blogger meets where the good bags are over flowing with products. Also, I'm subscribed to Glossy Box, and although Christmas was five months ago now, I'm still tackling my Lush and S&G xmas items.

The main reason for wanting to 'shop my stash' was to make more room and also save a bit of money. I have my favourite cleansers, however, instead of buying a new one when it runs out, I should use one of the five I already own.

I'm a collector, but I'm also a creature of habit. I like trying new things, but I also have my favourites. I  know a lot of people like to 'shop their stash' but I'd thought I'd write a quick post on my methods. Maybe it will inspire someone else to have a clear out, or maybe someone can offer me their own tips.

First of all I empty everything I have onto the floor and sort into piles. Some of the piles were quite specific, whilst some more general.

With my bath stuff, I simply split into body lotions and shower gels.

With hair care I split into shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoos and hair products.

Skin care was by far the biggest piles; moisturisers, serums, toners, face masks, face washes, sun cream etc...

If a product had been opened a long time, I generally threw it out, unless it still smelt/ looked okay.

Then it was time to organise everything. I tried to make my process simple. I would use my drawers (as they're the easiest to get to) to store my everyday items. The products that only had a few uses left would go in there too, and I plan to finish these first. With some items, like toner and face masks, I would only put one in the drawer, so I only had one choice and would use these first.

I had an empty Victoria Secret's bag, so I decided to put my 'back ups' in there. I put in all of my shampoo and conditioners samples. Shampoo and conditioner are 'everyday' products' and I know I buy them quite regularly. Although I already have some on the go, instead of buying more when I've finished the bottles, I can just dip into this bag.

I've also put some make up removers and cleansers in the bag. I love my Garnier Micellar Water and Soap & Glory Cleansing Milk, but I know that as long as I keep buying those products, the others won't get used.

I've also put in shower gels I've opened and used, but not finished. I have so many shower gels on the go, that I don't think I'll need to buy any until next year.

Overall, 'shopping my stash' was quite therapeutic. I've got my first ever empties post scheduled for tomorrow so be sure to check back.

Do you 'shop your stash'? Do you have any tips for me.