Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Top 5 Autumn/ Winter Lipsticks

Earlier in the year, I did a similar post writing about my top five summer lipsticks. However, those summer brights have been replaced with darker shades. I'm going to share my favourites with you.

1) Rimmel 107

I think everyone whose wrote a post similar to this one has included this lipstick. The Rimmel lispticks are my favourite highstreet ones and this shade is a cult classic. It's a deep wine red, completely matte but not at all drying on the lips.

2) Revlon - Black Cherry

I love this lipstick but it's not to everyones taste. It's a very dark purple/ brown colour that looks almost black on the lips. I like the formula of this lipstick as it feels quite moisturising.

3) Mac - Rebel

One of the first Mac lispticks I bought was Rebel and this is the perfect berry shade. I actually wear this on nights out a lot

4) Lime Crime Poisonberry

This is very similar to Rebel, however I'd say it's more purple that berry. I find that this lipstick can be slightly drying, but I apply it over lipbalm and I'm usually okay.

5) Rimmel Lasting Finish - Asia

I did a post on this lipstick a while back and it's very similar to Mac's Brave. This is my perfect nude as it's a pinky brown shade. This is perfect with a smokey eye.

What are your favourite winter lipsticks?

Friday, 12 December 2014

No 7 Beauty Advent Calendar// Day 1-12 Review

I really wanted a beauty advent calendar this year after finding out about them way too late last year. I was really torn between the Body Shop one and the No7 one. With Benefit, I found that most of the things I want to try, I already own through various kits. I decided on the No7 one as I thought there would be more chance of getting makeup- which I love- as opposed to bath stuff - which is okay but nothing to get excited about.

Day 1 - This calendar really started off with a bang. Whilst my friend text me to tell me that she got paper clips with her Benefit advent calendar, I text her back to her that I received a highlighter- but not of the stationary kind. I received a sample of the Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid. I use this just on my cheek bones to create that festive glow, however some people like to use it all over, under their foundation. I was definately happy with this product and I think, although a sample, it will last ages.

Day 2 - I love a good lip product, so when I recieved this High Shine Lip Crayon in the shade Daydreamer, I again was very happy. The shade is very similar to my beloved Brave by Mac.

Day 3 - The next was a makeup brush - the Eye Colour brush. I like receiving makeup brushes but I just don't think this one is very good. It feels cheap and synthetic and I don't know what I would actually use it with.

Day 4 - I received some Youthful Eye Serum. I haven't used an eye serum before and you can use it under an eye cream so I'm excited to try this,

Day 5 - I actually love the colour of the polish that was behind day 5. I've already used it and I quite liked the formula so it's possible I would by more in the future. The shade is Highland Mist.

Day 6 - To be honest, I'm never that happy to receive mascaras, simply because I have so many. This one is okay and it gives a very natural lash look, but I wouldn't buy it again.

Day 7 - I don't often buy single eye shadows because I'd much rather buy a palette. These shadows are £7 on their own, so a nice treat. However, the shade isn't really festive or that unique for me to get excited about. It's a neutral grey/ taupe colour that I don't think I'll use very often as I have all the neutrals I need in my Naked palettes. I wasn't happy about how scratched up the packaging was either.

Day 8 - I got the Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliater. This is a perfect size to take travelling. I currently use a Soap & Glory exfoliator but it's a bit rough for me, so I'll happily try this to se if it's any better,

Day 9 - Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream was nice in the calendar. My skin has gotten so dry lately, so I'm hoping the 'intense' is true and it will really hydrate my skin.

Day 10 - I got the Blissful body wash. I said earlier that bath stuff didn't excite me, but this smells so lovely, and again is perfect for travelling. I'm actually really excited to use this.

Day 11 - I got the Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup remover. I don't use eye makeup remover and tend to just use a micellar water. I tried this yesterday and wasn't impressed at all, but I'll give it another go, or at least til it's all gone. I think I'll get maybe a weeks use out of this.

Day 12 - This is the only thing I've received upto now that I've tried before. I liked the Stay Precise eye liner but found it dried up fast.

Upto now, I've been really happy with this advent calendar and I think it's been worth the £35. Did you get the No7 calendar? What do you think?

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Festive Nails - Week 1 // Barrym Limited Edition Polishes

For the past five years I've always had essays or exams to revise for over Christmas, so it feels strange having all this free time on my hands without stressing over uni stuff. I love doing anything creative over Christmas, whether it's making decorations, baking or trying out new makeup looks, so I'm hoping to do a few festive inspired posts over the next few weeks.

My mum asked me to pop into Superdrug the other day, and I walked past these limited edition Barrym polishes in the shade Jingle Bells (gold with red flecks) and Christmas Tree (green with red flecks.) They were so pretty and festive, I couldn't leave them behind. They're priced £3.99 each, however there's currently an offer where if you spend £6 on Barry M products, you can get one of these nail paints free. 

I decided to paint these on top of Barry M's Coral which is a bright red, almost orange looking shade. I only used one coat of Coral but wished I used more; however I don't think it matters so much as the glitter covers most of polish. 

On alternate fingers, I used Sally Hansens Jet Set Jade, which is a gorgeous colour in it's own right. 

I can see myself getting a lot of use from these glitter polishes this Christmas.

Have you tried any festive inspired nail looks this Christmas yet?

(Also, sorry for the sad state of my nails. Working in retail means they are forever breaking!)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil // Review

I feel like I should post more reviews on this blog, but I like to use a product for months at a time to decide properly whether it's any good or not.

I picked up Soap & Glory's Archery Brow Tint and Pencil a few months ago in Meadowhall. It always seems to be out of stock in my local Boots, so I was glad when I finally got my hands on it. This costs £10, which I do think is a little steep for a 'high street' product, but did the price reflect the quality?

The product came in a small box, which I liked as it meant that I knew for definite it hadn't been tampered with. The look of the pencil is pretty simple; a standard black pen shape, with the two separate products either end.

The brow tint is by far my favourite part. It looks a little like a felt tip pen, and it isn't too dark, which makes it perfect to outline my brows and keep them looking natural. I've been using this for about three months now and it still hasn't dried up which was something I was concerned about.

The pencil part of the product doesn't really impress me. It looks a little off in colour and I don't know whether that's because mine is dodgy or that it is supposed to look like that. I have to press down quite hard to get any colour pay off, but when I do, my brows look quite natural.

I probably wouldn't repurchase this, as I think it's quite pricey for just the one element that I love, Hopefully, in the future, they will release the tint on it's own.
Left - Tint, Right - Pencil

Have you tried S&G Archery? What did you think?