Monday, 10 August 2015

Travel // Shakespeare & Company Bookshop - Paris

I guess you can tell from various Instagram posts of quotations and my degree choice (English Lit) that I absolutely adore books. So for me, a trip to Paris wouldn't be complete without a trip to the famous Shakespeare & Company bookshop. I believe this little shop in the Latin Quarter of Paris is a real hidden gem- on account of many frequent Paris visitors have never heard of the place, yet it always seems to be swarmed with visitors.   

Stocking a variety (and when I say variety, I mean every shelf was crammed full) of both English and French titles; you'd just assume that Shakespeare & Co was just a regular bookshop, albeit with very charming decor. However, like most book lovers, I adore stories and this place has an amazing tale. 

The bookstore was founded by George Whitman, and in the time it has been open (I can't find an exact date, but the shop was renamed in 1964 - the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth) over 30,000 writers and artists have stayed over, including some now well-known writers. 

I believe this place is perfect if you're feeling a little home sick in Paris and just want a time out from the typical tourist attractions. It can get a little crowded with the amount of people wanting to browse and the vast amount of books there are, but it's not unbearable, and besides, if you're willing to battle the tourists to get close to the Mona Lisa, you could probably handle a small collection of book enthusiasts getting excited over vintage paperbacks. 


If you're anything like me and like mementos to remind you of trips, you'll be sure to find something you like. I did browse the books for a little bit, however I wanted something completely exclusive to that bookshop. There were a few books on Paris which would have been a nice souvenir, but I eventually settled on a Shakespeare & Company tote bag, a history booklet on the shop and a few postcards.  

Have you ever been to this place?