Monday, 31 October 2016

I've finished Blogtober!

Happy Halloween!

Today is the last day of Blogtober and I'm chuffed to say I actually stuck at it and managed to blog everyday in October. I'm not going to lie; I didn't find it easy. Even though I had the poor daylight hours to contend with, and was sometimes writing until 9PM to get a post out that night, I have to say the hardest thing I struggled with was writers block.

The first two weeks of Blogtober went fine as I had my trip to America to blog about, and beauty reviews I've been dying to write for ages. However, I have being repetitive, and I started to really struggle coming up with new content.

As a first timer, I would definitely say I'm not an expert at blogging everyday, however, the next big blogger challenge is Blogmas, and I can already feel myself coming up with ideas. I've decided to write a few tips for myself, and also anyone thinking of taking a blogger 'blog every day' challenge.

1) Plan! It may seem like the most obvious thing, but I really failed at planning my posts and sometimes ended up on the day, having no clue what to write about. I think having a brainstorm at the weekend, and jotting down ideas for the rest of the week is probably what I will do next.

2) Write 'diary' posts. I don't think I did any of these, but it's something I wish I took on. If you find yourself with bloggers block, I think a more personal post is perfect. You can't schedule these, as it almost a snapshot of that moment (but in writing.)

3) Bulk take photos. I have some studio lighting which I dragged out halfway through October after finding the normal light difficult to work with. I found taking all my photo's at once definitely helped, as I could then just write up the blog post without worrying too much.

Do you have any tips for blogging everyday?

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